Yetter 71 Unit Planter.  Each Unit Ground Driven Independently of the Other Units. Excellent for Food Plots or Commercial Agriculture Row Spacing As Close As 15”

Yetter 2999 Coulter Unit with Ripple Coulter for No-Till. Plant no-till or conventional field crops along with some vegetable crops using a multitude of assorted planter plates. This planter produces better seed singulation than any other comparable plate type planter. These rugged units have been in production for decades and have proven themselves in millions of acres of commercially planted farmland.

  • Built to last with 12" heat treated double disc openers that easily handle tough or high residue soil conditions
  • Features parallel linkages, simple depth control, and adjustable down pressure springs, which keep seed depth uniform in varying terrain
  • 1.3 bushel hoppers are positioned for fast, easy refills
  • Heavy duty, self-contained ground drive delivers smooth running and accurate seeding across the range of row spacing

A limited number of these are built by Yetter each year on order only. If dealer orders are not placed by October, the likelihood of getting one in time for spring planting is improbable. Occasionally, Demo units are available at discounted prices. Call or Fax for product availability and pricing.

Components to make a complete planter:

  1. Planter Unit 6010-150
  2. Hitch Kit 6010-010
  3. Toolbar 4x4 Square
    • 5' 6010-101
    • 6' 6010-102
    • 10' 6010-103
    • 11' 6010-104
    • 16' 6010-105
  4. U-bolt Kit 2996-121
  5. Coulter assembly, if no-till is desired

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